Aroma Mocha

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“No work greater than the one, that brings happiness to others”
Brand Identity and Website Design for them, because they brew happiness and we’d surely want to spread it even further.


Aroma Mocha was started as a new venture of brewing tradition with trends into a perfect cup of coffee. With the tagline, “Brewing happiness for you” Aroma Mocha aims at providing a happy break from chaotic life with a simple cup of coffee.

We were assigned for designing their Brand Identity and e-commerce platform. Keeping in mind the aesthetics required to retain the essence of the idea behind it, we tried to create something honest–to-goodness. Keeping the feel intact, trying a different color palette more honest to the vibes that matched theirs seemed a way to go.

  • Deliverables:
    Brand Identity and Website Design
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    Aroma Mocha

The color palette has been chosen on purpose, Green is the color of nature, representing freshness and harmony, while different shades of peach brings out the warmth of friendship and modesty. It seemed perfect and coherently synchronized with the vibes of the space.

“Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.” Working on creating a website is not just framing something pleasing to the eyes, but something that represents the soul of your work in the most honest way possible. The logo signifies life in a cup, represented via the occult drop, moreover the leaves embodies “fresh and healthy”. Thus serving the thought behind it well..