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The Digital Marketing Trends, That Surely Will Not Go Out Of Trend !


In the mad mobile world, where you call Alexa more than you call your son, Digital appearance is no longer an option, be it for yourself or your business. You need to be seen, and heard digitally more than you might do personally.

Digital trends like the waves in oceans keep on changing and a good surfer must learn to keep it up with them, or else die! The same analogy applies to digital marketing. For example, about 5 years ago Facebook seemed to be the future of digital marketing, but that future is now doomed. With time Instagram emerged and took over the first platform with an added advantage of young minds preferring much more advanced visual automation!

Digital trends keep updating and to stand strong in the market, we must go with if not all at least a few of them, the 5 most important of them being:

1. Chatbots: The future of customer services

Now which customer wouldn't want 24*7 service, with instant replies to queries and insight to every data asked – None right!
That is the use of chatbots. using AI chatbots are capable of having a detailed conversation with the customer, and as it gets more information, it is likely to get more personalized. isn't it the ideal conversation we all have been wanting.
About 80 % of businesses will work on chatbots this year.

2. Video

Video with a smartphone in every hand, who would take the effort of going through massive explanations, when it is all so translucent in a video!
Think about these stats from ImpactBND:
    70% of consumers have shared a brand's video.
    52% of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them more confident and guides their online purchasing decisions.
    72% of businesses believe video content has improved their conversion rates.
Videos as digital marketing trends are both handy, easy to operate, and efficient in imparting an understanding of any product or machinery.

3. Good content is always worth it

Be it 19th Century or 21st, good content has always had its value at the par. A few lines in context, catching your eyes are likely to have an inerasable impact on you.
With Google being the smartest of all, with the right content in proper context it can take you heights by its reach that is ensured anywhere and everywhere. Content writing has always been a tough job, selecting accurately good words, that catches the reader's attention, along with targeting a certain set of people in unmitigated context is quite a task, but then also it is the only marketing trend that never goes out of trend!

4. Voice interaction: the new rise!

"Siri..., Alexa...., Google...." has to be the most spoken names lately. Already to an unimaginable no. of people, typing instead of calling one of those names, seems to be quite a task!
Now to use if, for digital marketing, one must keep in mind a few things
    Adopting a voice search strategy that is optimized enough to be useful for customers and not only for just providing them with any results.
    Now remember along with the conversational tone intended to foster healthy customer relations, it must include a good dose of keywords that one must speak while web searching instead of typing.

5. Omnichannel marketing

What if a medium loses its hype among people?
What if we don't understand the algorithm of another?
What if a platform goes out of trend?
Will we have to start all over again on a new platform?
A simple solution to the above problems: Omnichannel marketing!
The digital era we are living in, one is surely not enough. Afterall why stick with one, when we can have it all!
Omnichannel marketing is marketing across multiple platforms, including email, apps, social media, and your website blog. This approach enables businesses to connect with their customers on more digital touchpoints, giving both the customers and businessmen a better chance of connecting!
Run or get run over by!
There is no stopping in this madness! It's either surf or get kicked out by the waves. Digitally marketing is a boon, that'll surf your business through all market waves and take you to the other side of the shore, safe and distinct from the other businesses! Dive in! it's perfect!