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“Speaks for itself”
Branding Identity, User Research, App Design and Website Design for Cheezee, towards a better tomorrow.


A Bangalore based startup Nebutech's initiative aiming sustainable charging solutions for Electric vehicles. With the motto of “charge easy with cheezee.” They adhere to the notion of providing easy charging for EV’s, so that none ever stands disturbed at the thought of missing the gas station!

Our team successfully did the System Research for Cheezee. On the graphic level, our aim was to create it user-friendly which demanded a striking yet commanding e-commerce interface. When creating the Brand Identity, we experimented with shapes, colors, fonts to suit the aura it demands.

  • Deliverables:
    Brand Identity, User Research, App Design and Website Design
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  • Collaborators:

    Nebutech Banglore

Wireframes & User Flow

About project


The motto behind Cheezee was to ease the process of finding charge stations for electric vehicles. Cheeze worked on creating an application that gives you the live status of stations on your route along with the charger port type and price. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say “Cheeze makes driving.


heeze is like an easy GPS for your EV. The user-friendly interface equipped with an interactive map works like a blessing to make your drives more than pleasant.


✓ Field study and extensive research allowed Cheeze to be better than ever, with the new features added.
✓ Interactive maps of charging stations.
✓ A quick search of stations.
✓ To save time and energy, the filter search to modify the results based on charger type, port type, and status.
✓ The plan a route possibility.
✓ Payment in application.
✓ List your favorites for next time.
✓ Overview and analyze the costs from your previous charging sessions.

Colors & Typography

App Design

Short overview of main application screens

Interactive map

Easily locate and check charging satations, for charger type and status, and stay on the map the whole time! With a tap on the map, expand or modify the list of nearest stations based on your route. Decoding a map was never this easy!

Route planning

Plan ahead and drive stress free.” with this in mind, cheesee allows you to plan your journey and your charging stations on the route for better convenience of you and your vehicle.

Charge Station

Complete access and transparency to view and analyze the charging station, prices, slot types, and availability.
Welcoming feedbacks with open arms. Leave back your reviews and ratings for cheezee.


The digital world requires a digital mode of payment! Pay using NFC or scan QR code. Cheezee gives you the liberty to control the charging time and analyze the cost information. You believe in the security of the customer. Pay through the card ensuring your fingerprint.

Screens Overview