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“Because we let our work speak for us”
Brand Identity for DataEngBytes, because next-gen ideas need next-gen representation.


DataEngBytes is a Sydney based community working on conferences for technophiles. They focus on the real-world data, real engineering problems of the growing world.

A next-gen idea needed a next-gen approach for its representation. We tried to stick for something short, fleek, and accurate. Brand Identity for something so out of the box, we got off the beaten track, tried all the unconventional ways. Our ideas were received and more than appreciated by DataEngBytes.

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    Brand Identity
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    DataEngBytes AU

We tried to create a logo by connecting dots and circles, that signifies our motto of connecting and touching as many lives and communities as possible.

Purple has been combines with the calmness and stability of blue. The color is associated with nobility, power, and ambition.It represents creativity, devotion, peace, pride, independence, and magic that is exactly what we intend with DataEngBytes. The color palette's sole purpose is to represent the morals and ethics of the brand.