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“Because we let our work speak for us”
Brand Identity and Website Design for GPC because like us, even they trust in providing the best!


Gopal Plywood Corporation (GPC), Hyderabad's premier dealer of Plywood, Wooden Flooring, Doors, and EWC, giving it’s best services since 1968, is known best for it’s reputation in the plywood market build by consistent hard work and sheer dedication to the work on the field.

When they approached us for Brand Identity and Website Designing, we were enthralled! Not only we needed to justify their 50+ years of hard work, we needed to represent their aura for being the best plywood suppliers in Hyderabad.

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    Responsive Website Design and Build, Brand Identity Development
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    Gopal Plywood Corporation

The greatest asset of any brand is in the quality of its services. Brown, here represent strength, reliability, and a keen sense of duty, off course, coinciding on purpose with the color of wood, which is the root of our strength. The logo is a meshwork of lines converging and diverging bringing out the different angles of work GPC offers.

The website of a brand is like a mirror reflecting their work with all transparency. The visual elements used to communicate must represent the idea and thought behind the work we put into. The color system and palette used for e-commerce signify the root of our work, ie. wood, while the logo puts in all elements in which our domain spreads. The website is like a trailer, to represent the glimpse of work and thought we put in our projects.

For Branding and Website for GPC, we had to break new grounds to stay loyal to the brand. Trying a new theme to match their aesthetics we went for different shades of brown, a color representing strength and their reliability. The virtues GPC stands still on.