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“When work is pleasure, life is a joy”
Brand Identity, Website Design and App design for spice herb, after all taste, is all that matters in food as well as work.


Spice to food is like,"Life to earth".
Spice to food is like,"Life to earth". Spice to food is like, "Life to earth". The taste of India lies in each tiny earthen pots handed over by our grandmothers, from generation to generation. The same is the thought behind Spicy herb-The authentic unadulterated taste of India.

We spilled the beans in Brand Identity while keeping the thought of culture lingering at the back of our minds, we did the Brand Identity holding onto the paradigm shift our civilization has undergone. For Package Design, we tried bright pop colors matching our traditions and trends.

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    Brand Identity and Website Design.
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    Spicy Herb

“India is a land of colors” and we had the liberty to use them all. Bringing out the taste of traditions in a quirky trendy outlook was extreme fun to do.
Creating “Websites to sell” is different from creating “websites that sell” as a team we were enthralled to take this project, that allowed us to dive in all the bright, pop colors available.

“Strong packaging, Clear addressing” is what we had in mind while working. We wanted to be well understood in pretty cover. Well, the colors did their magic. Also if you think the package is magical, you must look the insides first.